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There are currently five photo collections available in opensea/rarible where you can purchase NFT pictures. NFTs of each of these galleries will be drop periodically.

Collection Looking back

There is this moment in the middle of our path where something stops our steps. This moment of clarity makes it possible to contemplate the beauty of what, despite being in front of us all the time, had been unnoticed because our focus was elsewhere. This collection takes us to those moments in different parts of the world during the last 20 years.

Collection Urban landscapes

Curated collection of unique picture showing human settlement scenes in different parts of the planet.

Collection Textures

This collection captures unique textures from places around the world sharing a story with them.

Collection Young eyes

There is something that does not go unnoticed when travelling to remote places, it is the look of the children. This collection captures unique stories in which we will look to the eyes of the youngest through the viewfinder.

Collection Shades of color

This curated #6 items collection captures a world pallet of colors. Five shades of color from different parts of the world become melted in the picture that portraits the color palette.

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