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Deconstructed image. Image deconstruction.

Generative art explained in a simple way

Deconstructed image is a novel generative art concept. It starts with a pre-existing artwork in digital form, i.e. formed by pixels. Then the pixel positions are rearranged with one simple goal: seeking harmony by placing similar colors together.

From a creative perspective it explores the concept of information. What makes some artwork special or beautfiful? Our visual system is prone to find patterns and recognize shapes. From all possible ways to arrange the pixels there is something mysterious in the left picture that makes us admire it. Are there other arrangements that we humans would find beautiful?

Starry night (Van Gogh)
deconstructed Starry nigh #3

From an aesthetic perspective the deconstruction process creates beautiful images. The smoother the rearrangement the more beautiful the images are and the more rare those cases are. Smoother rearrangements are more difficul to get.

From an algorithmic point of view, the deconstruction process is incredibly challenging. The algorithm must search among all possible pixel combinations and that number is so large, that even the number of atoms in the universe looks lilke an absolutely minuscule number. For a 1.5 Mpix image, the number is 4e8612698. It has 8,612,698 digits !!! We would need the whole metropolitan area of Los Angeles, just to write it:

This is a video of the deconstruction process in play:

Find here a more comprehensive explanation of the process:

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