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Welcome to my gallery. My name is Luis Borruel and I have tried to put together pictures from different places around the world. I could be called a travel photographer. During these years I have been lucky enough to visit amazing places and keep some of those memories as pictures.

I had for many years my galleries at pbase, but in view of the lack of innovation of the site I decided to host it myself. That is a lot of work but a lot of fun. For those of you coming from the old pbase site, I hope you appreciate the renovated view. If you want to follow a similar path, I will be glad to give you a few tips. For the new comers I hope you find inspiration from the many increadible places on Earth.

Click here if you want to see the old site, with a more larger collection of pictures. I will slowly migrate the galleries.

After the summer 2021 I started to mature the idea of launching NFT collections about my pictures, the aquerelles of my father (may he rest in peace) and generative art.

January 2022

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